Instructions For Nuclear Stress Test
For questions please call us at (305) 661-3316

1. On the morning of the test…NO caffeine, such as coffee, tea or soda with caffeine. DO NOT have decaf coffee or tea.  The patient may have a light breakfast or lunch, at least four hours before the test.

2.  Please wear comfortable, loose fitting clothes and shoes suitable for walking. Wear single piece tops that button all the way down with plastic buttons.  Female patients should NOT an wear under wire bra.

3.  The test is done in two parts:

A. Resting imaging-patients are injected with thallium.  The resting images are performed for 15 minutes.

B. Patient is prepped for stress, walks approximately 10 minutes.  Stress images are   then performed again for approximately 10 minutes.

C. Total time for the test is approximately two hours to two and a half hours.

4.  Medications for the day of the test should be taken unless otherwise instructed by  the physician. 

A.  Insulin dependent diabetics should take one half of their dose of insulin the day of the test. 

B.  If you are on a beta blocker, you should discuss with your physician how and when the medication is taken.

5. Cancellations must be 24 hours prior to the test or the patient will be charged for the cost of the nuclear injections ($200.00), which must be ordered 24 hours prior to the test.

 6. The patient should report any illness or chest discomfort, in the week prior to the test, to the physician.  If you had any Radioisotope Therapies or Nuclear Testing within the past three months, please notify us.

 7.  Make sure you bring your insurance cards with you.

8.  If you have any questions regarding this test please call the office, (305) 661-3316.

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